Our Pastoral Care

Why choose St Francis & Catholic education?

St. Francis Catholic Primary School is a faith filled community of Jesus Christ and where Francis of Assisi lies at the heart of all that we do and say.  We are guided by Gospel values and the education provided focuses on the spiritual, environmental and academic growth of the children.  This is stated in our Mission as: ‘Journey together as Family in Peace through Love’; we work in partnership with parents/ guardians and our parish community to create a classroom, a school, and ultimately a world, fit for all children.  We recognise God in creation and in our community, particularly through Friday whole-school liturgies and masses.

Programs which support our Mission include:

  • Peer Support Program
  • Family Grouping sessions once a term
  • Making Jesus Real initiatives which include the weekly sharing of ‘God Moments’ in student’s lives
  • You Can Do it: Program Achieve

These opportunities can help children realise and understand that they have the right to, and responsibility for, a set of values and attitudes – the most important being the right to expect happiness and the responsibility to create it!

  • Student Protection in Catholic Schools
  • Student protection and wellbeing are paramount in all Catholic Schools in the Diocese of
  • Rockhampton. By the very nature of their mission and ethos, Catholic schools in the Diocese
  • of Rockhampton place the highest priority on the safety and care of the children and young
  • people who are their students. All students have a right to expect that the school will always
  • do all that is possible to protect them from any kind of harm and create safe learning
  • environments.

Catholic Education is committed to best practices in student protection and the development of proactive approaches to equip people with the skills and knowledge to identify risks of harm and respond appropriately.


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