History Of Our School

St Francis opened in January 2005. A strong emphasis is placed on developing an ethos of compassion and care while striving for educational excellence in a Christian environment. A Franciscan Spiritually is adopted with a culture that embraces the Indigenous heritage of this region.

The school has 12 classes Prep to Year 6. All classes, including Prep have a philosophy where we build on a child’s capability, potential and individual intelligence.

Being opened for over 10 years now we are a school with magnificent resources that enable future growth. The culture of compassion and love is embedded. The characteristics, values and example of St Francis permeate all school relationships. Academic performance is excellent showing a steady trend of improvement while not hindering child’s spontaneity creativity and individual intelligence. Staff professional standards are monitored, supported and self-evaluated. The professional standards of this staff are exceptional. Professional development, team sharing and mentoring/coaching programs are extensive and eagerly embraced within a culture that supports distributive leadership.

Despite the challenges of a transient community, the school has seen a steady and consistent level of improvement over recent years with huge growth in results since 2011. Across Years 3 & 5 results are generally above State Average and very close to National Average. The improvement in our student outcomes have come from; a consistent staff without too many changes, the development of a moral purpose within the school focusing on improving literacy and numeracy, a focus on high learning expectations, student goal setting as well as the introduction of a school musical in 2011, as The Arts have such a significant impact on the learning development of children.

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