Core Purpose

Core Purpose

Give witness to the message of Jesus and the mission of the Church

What makes a school Catholic is the obvious living out of the Gospel values in all dimensions of the school. Living these values and giving witness to total dependence on a loving God calls us to nurture and develop positive relationships within our school communities, our Church communities and the wider community.

Be open and accessible to all who seek their values

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Rockhampton are called to be of service to the wider community in which they exist. Catholic school communities are enriched by the presence of people from a diversity of cultural backgrounds and many faith traditions. The members of Catholic school communities are drawn to the Catholic school as a source of holistic education founded in Christian values.

Be communities of care

In responding to this vision of community, Catholic schools strive to establish quality interpersonal relationships of care and support in order to offer “care beyond the curriculum”.

Have a clear Catholic identity

The Catholic school continues to search for and develop authentic expressions of faith. It strives to develop greater knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Church, its worship, teachings and history. The Catholic school develops cultures and environments that reflect and support God’s Good News in response to our baptismal call and are a lived expression of the educational mission of the Church.

Offer a relevant and holistic curriculum of quality teaching and learning

The Catholic school of the new millennium is called to provide a curriculum shaped and informed by Gospel values and designed to meet the needs of its students. The Catholic school is committed to providing quality learning and teaching that is relevant, challenging, Christ-centred and values based.

Be characterised by inclusive partnerships within a community of faith

As part of our search for ‘Meaning for Life’, all involved in Catholic education accept a call from God to serve the education communities of the Diocese. Catholic education in the Diocese of Rockhampton places priority on relationships as the essential element of our response to the call of the Diocesan Vision Statement.

‘Defining features of Catholic Schools in the 21st Century:   Catholic Education office Diocese of Rockhampton’

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