Our Catholic Identity

Our Catholic Identity

St Francis Catholic Primary School is part of the Catholic Education family within the Diocese of Rockhampton. As a school community, through our words and actions, we strive to give witness to the defining features of a Catholic School:

Have a clear Catholic identity
Be open and accessible to all who seek our values
Offer a relevant and holistic curriculum of quality teaching and learning
Be a community of care and
Develop inclusive partnerships within a community of faith

In our learning and our relationships we are committed to providing an excellent academic program in an atmosphere of faith, peace and love.  The Religion Curriculum at St Francis Catholic Primary School is  organised under four strands:  Beliefs, Sacraments, Morality and Prayer.

Our daily lives bear witness to the faith we share and nurture. Christ is our essence, the centre of our lives and the light that guides our path.  ‘Making Jesus Real’ is a program that is entwined in our learning at St Francis where our children are encouraged to see ‘the face of Christ’ in those they meet and in turn to ‘Make Jesus Real’ to others.

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